The Poppy Fields of Flanders

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The Poppy fields are silent now
In Flanders so faraway
Absent from many people minds
Except on Remembrance Day
When thoughts once again re-open
On sad& treasured Memories they keep
Of those who gave their lives in battle
So that we and others might sleep
In peace and free from constant threat
Of terrorism or oppression
Whether here within these shores
The British Isles our patriotic possession
“There’ll always be an England
And England shall stay free”
That freedom cost so many lives
Which sadly some find difficult to see
So as we gaze across those Flanders Fields
With Poppies like a huge soft carpet of Red
A constant reminder to the World at large
Of all the wounded and those still lying there dead
Who fought the fight with all their might
Without thought for thedevastating tragic cost
They paid with their personal Supreme Sacrifice
These were the thousands of young lives that were lost

Dennis Shrubshall

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