The Peacock

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The world has a wealth of beautiful birds
In colours and culture serene
Flying the skies or swimming on water
Always a joy to be seen
But the species I have in mind today
Natives of India are they so I’m told
Proud and pretty and colourful are Peafowl
A wondrous joy for the spectator to behold
There are varying species of Peacocks
With exotic colours and hue
Black Shouldered, Congo, Green and White
And of course there’s the Indian Blue
These birds are known to need companionship
And the Peacock leads a very full life
For he may befriend a harem of 2 – 5 Peahens
Not satisfied with just one wife
Each bird has a multi feathered train
Which in fact will cover a brown tail
When mating the Peacock will spread it’s train
Forming a huge and Kaleidoscopic fan
Containing every conceivable colour
Possibly known to man
He’ll vibrate his tail at the Peahen
And all his prowess in awe he’ll display
In a valiant effort to impress the female
And mate so that eggs she may lay
The eggs that she’ll lay aren’t much larger than a chicken
And after 28 days the chicks may hatch
But some females lay decoy eggs away from the nest
In order that their predators they despatch
The young chick will walk less than one day old
And when born, with flight feathers on their wings they’re endowed
Then before the end of the first week they can fly
Making their mother the Peahen very proud
For in the wild they’d be subject to predators on the ground
Necessitating the need for them to fly
And find safety in the trees of the forests at night
In safety knowing Mother’s very close by
The Peacock is a bird of great beauty
Especially as his male talent, his feathers he deploys
But you’ll know every time there is imminent danger
As he emits quite a loud recognisable noise

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