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Duty called today – So I’m sorry I won’t make it to dinner tonight.

Kiss the kids goodnight for me and tell them I am sad that I can’t be there to tuck them in.

I won’t be there for the parent’s night either. I hope it goes well.

Send my apologies to the Browns but if you can still go you will have to attend their summer party alone.

Please explain to the landlord it won’t be me paying the rent on Friday. I hope you’re ok to do it. I appreciate it might be hard the first couple of times.

Don’t forget the garden will need weeding from time to time, although it might not be a priority just now.

Ask the kids to walk the dog every day, he needs his exercise and with you taking on my chores you will need help with some things.

Please keep an eye on my parents for me; it won’t be easy for them either.

Enjoy the birthday parties. It’s a shame we can’t enjoy them together anymore.

I regret we didn’t manage that trip to Paris, or get to see that RSC production we talked about.

I would worry about the leak in the roof but there’s not much worry here. Not much of anything really. But there is a sense of loss. I hope you don’t feel it as much as I do.

I’ll think about you and until it’s your time, goodbye.

I miss you and I will love you always. Be strong.

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