The Loss

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Of a father, dear and cherished
Piggy backs no more, he has perished

Of a Mother, beautiful. Caring and sweet
Getting home, no longer her smile will greet

Of a Sister, older or young
No longer able to play and have fun

Of a brother who looked after me
No more spinning, or climbing a tree

Of a Son, Strong, proud and tall
No more Dads taxi 2am call

Of a daughter, A twinkle in her eye
Will never again make boys sigh

Of an Aunt, giver of hugs
No more chatting, Slurping tea from mugs

Of an Uncle, supplier of tricks
No more coins gone when his finger clicks

Each and every flag draped coffin that returns
Someone’s family it concerns
All of the above are a terrible loss
Who really thinks its worth the cost

Chris Duncan

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