The Longest day dawns

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The Longest day dawns, Ships cruise,
European liberation, burns down like a fuse,
As the ships spot the shore, rolling thunder of Weapons roar,
Shell and rocket, from battleship to barge, fall like rain,
shattering a calm morn, concrete and terrain.

All along the coast, small metal boxes push at the shore,
Pulsing forward, A landing the like, never seen before,
Releasing their precious cargo, man and machine move as one
Life is fought, with every step, each man soldiering on.
More lives wait on their feet, as landing craft crawl back to the fleet,

Fighting across the sandy dune, on the longest day in June,
Finally all the beaches were in Allied hands,
Trucks began to arrive tearing up the sands,
This allowed ships carrying cargo of all kinds,
To release their loads, including the Pluto lines.

Mulberry harbours are pulled into place, ready to drop,
As the days draw on, they ensure back up doesn’t stop,
Men drive between the monoliths, in a water born truck,
Carrying men and supplies in their affectionately named Duck,
Risking a great amount, their own protection, next to nowt.

The drive for freedom in earnest, moved inland,
Yanks hell bent for leather, Brit drivers lent a hand,
Travelling far, to carry supplies, where ever the army rides.
Drivers often others over look, made sure cities like Paris were took,
Soldier, driver and mech all in one, eating each mile until it was gone,

The rest is history now for most, but from the survivors never a boast,
Many now find it hard to relate how much sacrifice was paid,
How many souls passed, coming to give others aid?
We should never forget the people, that stood firm for one and all,
Remember then and now, don’t allow their memory to fade or fall.

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