The Lineman

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Snow up to the waist
Freezing feet and soaking socks
The cold is creeping everywhere
The low rumbling of the guns
The smell of cordite in the air
The drum of Don10 is heavy
The drum itself all covered in ice
My gloves are soaking
My fingers are numb
As I stagger and stumble
And fall flat on my face
The line must get through.
The line layer is stuck in a ditch
So it was on by foot
I must persevere
Freezing feet and soaking socks~
It on me they depend
To get the line through
I struggle, I swear
I stagger along
The snow is deeper
The cold more intense
The line must get through.
The pine trees all covered in snow
Look just a like a Christmas card
This is a pine forest that I have entered
I know the HQ is just ahead
I hear voice and see lights~
I have reached my goal~
Connect up the phone
The Line has got through
Hands warming on a hot mug
Its warm here sat in the truck
But I cannot stay long
I have to get back
The rest of my crew await my return~
To return to our bivvy

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