The Hue of the Blue of your Eyes.

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The sky has the hue of the blue of your eyes.
And the wind brings its message to me.
The corn has the shade of the braid in your hair.
And the breeze whispers “Come back to me”.

The bells have the ring of the sing in your voice
And their chimes tell a story to me
The choir has the tone of the moan in your sob
And I pray you are nearer to me

The sun has the fire of desire we both felt
And the warmth brings fond memories to me
The moon has the shine of the wine on your lips
And I wish you could lie beside me

The night brings the gloom of the doom that I know
And its shadows bring sadness to me
The day in its youth brings the truth unconcealed
And I know you are taken from me.

Paddy Slevin

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