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I found myself digging a hole
Surrounded by eager admirers
And nobody offered to help
They just said ”Your efforts will tire us”

The hole was a labour of love
It boosted my lowly esteem
On top of the mountain they sat
Waving and eating ice-cream

As I toiled inside the black hole
The on-lookers smiled in delight
I could not detect any sign
That help would soon be in sight

The soil mountain grew even higher
They stood after reaching the top
Waving their banners and shouting
”Keep digging, now don’t you please stop”

They thrilled to be top of the heap
Accepting the plaudits of all
Content that the mountain I’d built
Had cost them nothing at all

It took me some time to find out
That it pays to be right on the ball
From the top of the mountain or in a deep hole
Each person appears to be small

Don Holmes

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