The Hardest Step

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We wanted to be soldiers,
And so we joined that band
Of brothers, British soldiers,
our freedom to defend.

They taught us to be steadfast,
To march in perfect ranks,
And how to face the enemy,
with our rifles, guns and tanks.

They trained our minds, how not to care,
For danger, death or flight,
But always to go forward,
and carry on the fight.

They sent us off to face the foe,
In strange and foreign lands,
In heat and dust or ice and snow,
We soldiers made our stand.

And so we did our duty,
We brothers, our small band,
And battles fought,
Came home again,
To Britain’s pleasant land.

We’re older now, and wiser,
But battles still we fight,
We stumble through the daytime,
And face with dread the night.

We tread the downward path,
dark thoughts now fill our minds,
No hope, no light, no future,
All reason left behind.

But there is light and hope,
A future bright as well,
When that first trembling step we take,
To leave behind our hell.

There is another band,
That we have come to join,
The angels here at Audley Court,
Who guide us through our pain.

They do not judge or criticise,
Our anger, fear or dread,
But teach us to immobilise,
The dark thoughts in our head.

It is a long and winding road,
And hard, I must confess,
But I will reach the end one day,
Because of Combat Stress.

The first steps are the hardest
you’ll stumble, sometimes fall,
but the angel’s hands will guide you,
as along that road you crawl.

And so my brothers help me,
And spread the word around,
There is place where comfort
And peace of mind is found.

That place is here, at Audley Court,
Where they help you face your fears,
And guide you back along that road,
To better future years.

Mick Wilby

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