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One hundred years ago may seem a very long time to some,
In fact, one hundred years ago was the Battle of the Somme.

The men of our country signed up willingly to lend a hand,
Not knowing this would be their Death Certificate as they headed for No Mans Land.

Why did we send soldiers to France to fight in The Great War ?
At first they were volunteers BUT later choice became law.

Britain were allies with France which meant that the countries were friends,
And if France ever came under attack then Britain would try to defend.

The Germans sent in their Army to acquire land they did not own,
So Britain sent in it’s soldiers declaring it a War Zone.

The war will be over quite quickly, to the soldiers this was said,
But 4 years later & about 6.8 million civilians were lying dead.

The poppy is the flower of Remembrance with its vibrant colour of Blood Red,
Plus its the only thing that would grow in the fields that hold the remains of the dead.

Its ‘Lest we Forget’ all of the soldiers that died so we can live as we live today,
This is why we should educate our children so that they never end up this way.

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