“The Flag which Braved the Battle and the Breeze”

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Twas second rate (as rated) ‘Ship of Line’
Just one of four didst mind Lord Nelson’s stern
Atop its mast twud fly the feared ‘Ensign’
Whilst teaching lesson Villeneuve must learn
Here paddle steamer tugs; bereft ‘mainbrace’
Tho Turner reinstates with licensed brush
Yon sun does set upon her ghostly grace
Now stripped of guns; conveys a deathly hush
Bequeathed to Nation was said artist’s wish
Yet cheques were made out blank to test resolve
When votes were cast became their fav’rite dish
Such envy faced still chose to then absolve
Tis framed for all to see (as his prefer)
‘The Glory’ that once was “Our Temeraire”

Richard Gildea

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