The Faceless Ones

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We look out on the world at large with very different eyes to see
Darkest sights engaged with sense of what and if, we’re never free
To hold a life within our hands, to take and save in equal sway
Be judged by God above Himself, for actions taken on the day

Society does not know how to treat within its normal scheme
Of things imagined and perceived, in ways that only make us scream
We are a special case in truth, our needs and such beyond the norm
Allowances will not be made; we’re just expected to conform

Remembrance plays a part with keeping focused minds in due respect
Until such time the marching’s done and flags are furled, we do suspect
As faceless ones we go about in hoped for synchronicity
Yet we all know we’re not the same and in this life will never be

Richard Gildea

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