The Donkey

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If you take a look back in history
Even to Biblical times
Beast of burden were prevalent then
Especially in hot and mountainous climes
Oxen were used for ploughing the land
And dragging carts as well
Their employment was fairly universal
At least as far as I can tell
Horses were mainly for riders
Or for carriages ,wagons and such
But carrying heavy loads or equipment
Didn’t suit the horse as much
As the Mule which was suited to carry weight
Over rough terrain as witnessed time and again
Working their way up the side of a mountain
Or suffering the heat of a desert plain
But then there was another of the species
A donkey sometimes referred to as an Ass
Ideal temperament for riding, albeit slowly
On the flat or through a mountain pass
And as we moved on through the ages
The role of the Donkey changed
It was accepted for more menial tasks
And often in the paddocks they ranged
In the U K they were children’s favourites
Used for pleasure rides on the beach
Treated more humanely then
Kindness was within their reach
But nowadays their commercial uses are falling
There supply seems to exceed demand
Some finishing up auctioned off for slaughter
Or find their way to sanctuary from a caring hand
But as with all things in life it seems
Finances for these Charities are strained
Their only saviour then is the members of Public
To ensure their welfare is maintained
So think if you will of the odd time in the future
When some Donkeys grazing in a field you may see
Were it not for the people who care
The donkey would disappear into obscurity

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