The Darkness

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I walk upon the earth, slowly, so slowly
I put my head down, watch my feet in front,
In the distance I can see Light pointing at me,
I step forwards, the effort marked with a grunt.

The ground is uneven, rocky and wet,
I can feel the moisture of the night,
Seeping into me through many layers,
Situations like this cause some to fight, others to flight,

There are people all around me,
In the dark I cannot see much,
Only 10 feet inside my head torch beam,
No one is close enough to touch.

I could shout or bellow,
But in this wildness no one would hear,
The wind fast and cold, whistles louder,
Dragging anything I say completely clear.

Hand signals and gestures,
Are all we can use, in the dark,
To tell each other everything is alright,
We all hope soon to be in the car park.

We hear over the radio what we all hoped
sheltering from the night, They have been found,
We are all happy to know that all will soon,
Be in the warm, with hot drinks, safe and sound.

Chris Duncan

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