The dark side of town

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There is a side to my home town
Which when I think on it, I feel down
It’s sorry miserable and dark
Flowing like fog, from streets and park

There is a menace abroad
Spilling onto the street, a host, a hoard
At night it is worse still
It is not just wind that gives me a chill

One evening I was walking innocently
Pounding the pavement, of us there were three
As we crossed passed the memorial
We were spotted, my heart did fall

We tried to carry on, to get her home
Back then there was no mobile phone
They came at me from two angles you see
Cutting me off, from getting free

From the side the first blow to my head struck
I fell to the floor, stunned, in a ball I did tuck
Then came the boots, trainers and fists
Rained on me, my bloody vision a mist

It lasted for an eternity
Them kicking, punching, spitting at me
Ultimately they eventually got bored
Drifted off like a malcontent hoard

Leaving me lying in the street awash with blood
Beaten, bruised and my head banging with a thud
Up I got truly alone, with fury and shame
I would get my revenge from them was my only aim

I staggered towards their perch on the Memorial
Determined to hurt them one and all
As I step into their circle of hate
My state made some hesitate

I took on one of their own, who I called out
I launched myself at him with an immense shout
He rain down more hits upon me
I was blind with rage you see

But somehow it all ended and I was alone
Staggering back down streets for home
I passed many a person that night
Not one offered help, hope as I might

I ended up home making it to the door
At the sight of me, my mum hit the floor
A mask of blood I was told
Was all they could see and behold

The next day at the doctors they took stock
Foot print bruises, all makes, I had the lot
Four sides of A4 paper were used
To record my body, how it was abused

No convictions befell anyone from that night
I was scolded for going back for a fight
But now I can walk through darkened street
Ready to kill any threat I meet

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