The Bonny Princes Legacy

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Do you hear the drums a beating across the highland glen,
as the Red Coats they are searching for the Bonny Prince’s men.
The lowland traitor Campbell rules in Edinburgh’s Castle keep,
while the widows and the children of slain highland warriors weep.

The Macintosh and Fraser, McKinnon and Loch Neil,
fell in countless thousands, pinned by English steel.
Culloden was a spectacle the like not to be repeated,
as the ragged, hungry highlander’s broke, and their Bonny Prince retreated.

Back across the sea the Stuart princeling fled,
and left his highland followers to be ruled by English red.
Thus ended the rebellion of the clans and their miss placed trust,
as Bonny Prince Charlie took their gold, and their claymores turned to rust.

But with James as King peace returned, and both kingdoms were united,
as Highlander and Red Coat merged, and all past wrongs were righted,
they fought alone or side by side across the known worlds face,
against all odds they held their own, and neither found disgrace.
And never shall the Kingdoms split again to stand alone,
as each succeeding Monarch sits, atop the Stone of Scone.

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