The blackbird song

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The blackbird chick asked, “Why does Man not sing as sweet
As the blackbird, whose song can make with delightful trill?”
The mother blackbird thought long and hard…and then explained,
“Because blackbird songs are only for the free…
The free of spirit…and of mind.
Innocent and by ill-grace unsullied.”

“Man is fettered by the songs and words of hate…
With many a wretched soul out of tune,
Out of harmony and plentiful of disgrace…
Unchanging and unrepentant in design.
For Man has Human Rights…but rights only for Man…
That are not duly accorded to those not of Man.”

“But those Rights are cocooned in the web
Of oppressive obligations and marred illusions…
Which leads to discord and disharmony,
And the mean destruction of the benevolence towards others…
Unlike that of the favoured will of the blackbird…
Whose song is not belaboured by any Human condition.”

“Man is imprisoned within the rules and conventions of the unfree.
There is no inspiration there to be found.”

“Fly fair blackbird…fly!
Fly on the air of freedom…
With the sure air of freedom…
With the pure air of the sweet blackbird song.”

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