The Bicycle

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The Walking Machine all those year ago
Was invented by Baron von Drais in 1817
Sitting astraddle a frame with two wheels
Transport that world had ne’er before seen
Just walking along , so to speak on a seat
Or a saddle it later became known to most
And took all the weight off one’s feet
The Velocipede or Boneshaker
Came to the fore in 1865
Propelled by pedals on the front iron wheel
Ridden on cobbles one was lucky to stay alive
In 1870 the Penny Farthing came along
Steel frame and rubber tyres too
Perched on a saddle high above the ground
As feet move the pedals to and fro
These machines were fraught with danger
If an hard obstacle or dog they met
As the rider was quickly pitched to the ground
And a head injury that was hard to forget
And onwards we move to a bicycle
Similar to the shape we know today
And also started using inflatable tyres
It was 1898 I’ve heard folks say
So slowly the development of the Bicycle
Progressed to what we have now
Although there are so many designs
You’ll choose one for you somehow
They are built for the road and grass tracks too
With a big selection of wheels and tyres
Multi geared models for the hill climbers
Coarser tread for some the grass requires
But whatever you need in the cycling world
It’s everywhere on display
So forget you troubles and purchase a bike
And ride happily on your way

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