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A snake crawled in my sleeping bag,
I felt it on my leg.
I knew it was a female snake,
It said its name was “ Peg “

I held it in my hand,
Its weight was next to ‘nowt.
I didn’t want it in here,
So then I threw it out.

But then I felt quite guilty,
The snake could do no harm.
In fact it felt quite cosy,
So slippery and warm.

The snake came back and slipped inside,
As I yanked up the zipper,
I cut the poor beast in half,
I felt like “ Jack The Ripper “

Now I’ve got two snakes in my bag,
A tail and one long head.
All three of us together,
To share my shrinking bed.

Now they’re moving up and down,
I hope they haven’t mated,
I suddenly got hungry,
So then I ate it !

Tom Mcgreevy

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