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In the distance the guns could be heard, and they knew the battle had begun
Their bayonets had had been fixed, and it would soon be time to make their run
Many bodies would soon be lying in the Flanders’ mud
Could such a little piece of foreign land be worth so much English blood?

The Captain said, “Get ready, the time is getting near
When you must do your duty for the land that you hold so dear”
And many of the men thought that the battle was a blunder
Knowing that many of them would soon be blown asunder

But when the challenge came they answered quickly to the call
The fact that they might die made no difference at all
They were all prepared to forget their doubts and fears
To sacrifice their lives to ensure that victory was theirs

And when the charge was over, and the battle done
Those who survived could feel pride in the victory they had won
But they would not forget what happened on that day
And their thoughts would be of comrades who had fallen on the way

They had heard the bugle blow and answered to its call
And had paid the price demanded to guarantee peace for us all
And when that peace is threatened as often it seems to be
Remember those gallant men and what they did for you and me

Ron Martin

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