The Amorous Shower Curtain

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Why does it always follow me
When I get in the shower ?
I must act like a magnet
Exuding some strange power

It moves along as I move
Drawn to my skin
With threads that are invisible
The dance it does begin

We dance along the shower tray
Synchronised as one
Nearly touching, but not quite
The water plays a song

The curtain really fancies me
I’m sure of that now
Heading for my ‘ Nether bits ‘
I haven’t figured how

I squeeze into the corner
But this has no effect
Tears run down the curtain
Of loneliness, neglect

The curtain rings stare at me
Like eyes afraid to blink
I slide across the shower tray
Just like a skating rink

Desist with your advances
I shout to no avail
But shower curtains have no ears
They’re deaf upon the rail

I move to close, it captures me
Wrapped round me like a shroud
I feel just like an aeroplane
Swallowed by a cloud

It grips me just like ‘ Cling-film ‘
I whack it with the flannel
I can’t stand anymore of this
I’ll buy a ‘ sliding panel ! ‘

Tom Mcgreevy

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