The Amazing Human Brain Part 1

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Tihs Peom is aubot the aazming hmaun biran,
Mix up the midlde of teshe wrdos is iannse,
But msot of us can auactlly sitll see,
Waht is wrteitn hree by me.

There are some people reading this I must apologise to,
Dyslexia is hard enough, without me screwing with you,
I wulod be iesternted to konw if you can raed waht is hree,
Can you see this, is it at all claer.

I tinhk how we perocss infatiormon is a wdoner at bset,
Its waht maeks us santd out from the rset,
But waht use is tihs new fonud cdoe,
If we can all raed it, it is alradey an oletbsoe mdoe.

Siltl terhe msut siltl be plntey to fnid,
In the gery old mtater we call a mnid,
Waht stuninng tnghis are lfet to chngae how we see,
The msot coplmex tinhg fnuod in you and me.

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