Thank you Cat

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No cat dish upon the floor
No sniffing the air at outside door
No litter tray to wash and clean
Not a cat hair to be seen

No all seeing eyes lifted in the air
Watching us as we get in our chair
No gentle leap that does no harm
As one black cat jumps on the arm

No wowing cat around your feet
When peeling prawns of carving meat
No sudden waking moment, whilst in bed
No gentle paws tap, on the side of head

No head turned with look so queer
No gentle stroking, behind the ear
An empty space and that is that
Devastated now, we have no cat

No new one will take her place
I know it could we have the space
But were old now we have normal fears
We know we can’t last for eighteen years

So her time on earth is done
Thank you Cat for so much fun

David Killelay

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