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Where forest pine retreats up mountain side
Where heather twixt the bracken hugs the soil
Where belles of blue doth carpet hills with pride
Where one young boy did watch his Father toil

Midst all the beauty nature can display
Midst all creation’s sights one doth behold
Midst all such thoughts we deem as ‘in the day’
Midst all, I miss him so, if truth be told

His every word was true and to the point
His every word I’ve taken as well meant
His every word with Blessings did anoint
His every word, a love of life well spent

He worked so hard in order we may live
He worked so hard, that all may feel secure
He worked so hard with no more left to give
He worked so hard for me, of that I’m sure

If I could be the one who lived his dreams
If I could be the one he wished I’d be
If I could be the hope, or so it seems
If I could be the whole He was to me

Richard Gildea

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