WW1 Entrenched



Today, the army asked for more, He’s just seventeen, when he walked out the door, Everyone’s fine”, he would write and say. Son, please write you’re coming home, Our thoughts are with you, For what you’ve done. Many months went by, until one day, Madam, I am sorry to say”…
Coralie Holmans
5th November 2015

“Our Country Needs Little Uns Too” – WWI

The War is on all Men are gone, with Women left to fend their way Tis theirs which is the sorry plight and not the heroes far away Some left with Children three or four (perchance he’s just forgot) Whilst off to fight the Good Lord knows, she’s on her…
Richard Gildea
19th October 2015

The Somme

All the peace had turned to madness Christmas day was done and gone There'd be no more football matches On the land they called the Somme Men shared life with rats Made tea both black and strong For It was a long hard cold winter In that place they called…
Dave Butler
4th January 2015

Centenary Poem

I wear this poppy on my chest To remember those who lay to rest Coloured red like the blood; tragically spilled Of thousands of men; mercilessly killed But for their country was how they died And today I wear this flower with pride The leaf angled to the eleventh hour…
Katie Laver
12th November 2014

War Poem

BOOM! Another deafening explosion of a bomb! How long will this ear piercing noise in my ears go on? Constant gun fire rings all around Bodies lying motionless like dead fish on the ground Rats...rats...rats..and rats as big as bloomin' cats! Scuttling along the floor looking for anything or anyone…
Max Newey
7th November 2014

Somme Day Soon (No quarter given)

Tho odds diminish with our mounting dead Small comfort’s gleaned from numbers game at hand Here shakes the ground nearby my pounding head Remiss the thoughts I hold; canst understand? Whilst whistled ‘trr..iiii..ing’ from rounds won’t let me be Each Prayer is for the ‘crr..a..ack’ to follow on Relief when…
Richard Gildea
3rd November 2014


The dawn is gently breaking The air serene and still No man's land a grassy field Just beyond the hill The battery, a homestead With windows welcoming, The tangled wire a 5 bar gate Where bluebirds sweetly sing, Each muddy track a furrow Furnished by the plough, Each tortured cry…
Cath Turner
27th October 2014

WW1 Centenary 2014

A hundred years have come past 
We never thought that it would last 
The bullets coming thick and fast 
To take the lives of many There's 18,000 died that day
 That first day as the bodies lay
 There's nothing anyone can say 
The carnage there to see Together husbands, fathers,…
Gloria Armstrong
28th September 2014

Home for Christmas

Standing by the open door They watched their sons go off to war Looks of anguish from each mother Hiding pain from one another ‘Home for Christmas’ hear them shout Full of hope so little doubt Did not know what lay ahead Unknown thoughts of fear and dread Marching down…
Judy Clegg
25th September 2014

War and Heart

Men have signed up to take part But families don’t want to be split apart The war is soon going to start And families and friends will be in soldier’s minds And hearts Men, now soldiers soon to depart Leaving family for war is no walk in the park On…
Zoe Maris
25th September 2014