We will remember them


We Remember

Year after year Month after month Day after day Hour after hour Bullet after bullet Shell after shell Soldier after soldier Brother after brother We remember their sacrifice We remember their names We remember the war We must remember, never again!
Joseph Mitchell
19th January 2015

Poppy Poem

Men falling Wounded crawling Guns fire Bang Bang Bombs drop Bang Bang Nine million dead Some in a hospital bed Poppies blow row by row
Jamie Potts
18th December 2014

Two Minute Silence

We join a line at a bus stop No ordinary queue. A small gathering of strangers, all here for the same reason; to remember six young men none of us knew, killed in a place we can't imagine. Their pictures pinned to the shelter wall; smiling, confident, brave. A quick…
Tracey Radford
5th October 2012

‎7th December 1982,

Ballakelly was a long dark night in cold hell. Where beauty met the beast and horror was unleashed, so horrific my mind can not spell. it was called the dropping well. Some will speak and some will never tell. now days and hours have passed , weeks, months to years.…
Raymond White
10th December 2011

The Fallen

When the sun rises I will feel no warmth When the wind blows I will feel no breeze Falling rain will not chill me Dark nights I shall not fear Medals sent to my family A flag at half mast to remember me No more reason to be bold as…
Dan Fry
7th November 2011

Musa Qala’s Drift.

With the standard shining in the sun, Feeling the weight of the gun, Barricaded in pockets of ressistance, Far away from any assistance. This isnt the land of zulus and redcoats, Just pure survival and the occational anecdotes, It feels like it’s the whole country you’re against, You life in…
Alex Roissetter
5th October 2010

We will remember them

A field of poppies lies where blood was shed. And on this day we remember. Small white crosses stand at their head. And on this day we remember. Countless millions in war have died. And on this day we remember. In their actions and sacrifice we have such pride. And…
Christopher Lang
10th June 2010

In Loving Memory

Scented candles softly burning Round a shrine for all to see The centre, a picture of a hero Stands in loving memory A single tear runs down her cheek As she dusts the photo frame Through her tears she whispers ‘I wish I could see you again’ She kisses her…
Michaela Turner
27th May 2010

’55 AD Wings of Pride’

As on mighty wings of fear they ride, Air Despatchers fly with greatest pride, To drop supplies for Warriors lean, That fight the foe in deep jungles green. Though every flight is death unseen, Each Despatcher's pride is very keen, For a job that gives him joy yet tears, With…
Leslie de la Haye
12th April 2010