To those we lost


Upon Receiving a Wartime Letter of Condolence

The hand that had caressed himNow held a pen she kept for best.When she was a child,she would lose herself,In the cloudy blue grey swirls of its shaft.The words would not come at first.Then hesitantly they arrived.‘much appreciated’; ‘great comfort’;So thoughtful’.There was to be a child a heart beatheld in…
Bernard Pearson
26th May 2020

“Now you see him, now…….”

“Now you see him, now.......” Where earth doth bind his bones beneath my feet No more to see the precious light of day He lies alone; no stone with words to greet No cross which marks; nor message to convey Anonymous in death was last request No wish for friends…
Richard Gildea
19th January 2015

Left Behind

Because you left so suddenly And we are left behind The only sound we hear today In our collective mind Is Hearts, still beating, though they’re broken Because we didn’t get the chance To tell you when we could We who are left must silently Repeat the words we should…
Terry Alexander
17th January 2015

Be Mused (again) (In memory of friends now passed)

Will we remember life, when passing on? Or does it mark the end of conscious thought I’ve often pondered friends (now sadly gone) Through ‘Prayer and Plea’ (such answers have I sought) Do they perceive existence as lived out? Awareness of our each and every move Methinks twud be more…
Richard Gildea
15th January 2015

The Whirlitzer, on Remembrance Sunday, 2014.

Round and round, the horses go, dizzily, breathlessly, taking me with them, Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes high, sometimes low. The barrel-organ music plays a jolly tune, but a discordant sound to my ears. I step down from off the merry-go-round and sit, on the wooden bench beside your grave…
Angela Nightingale
7th January 2015


Why was your time on earth so short, why did you have to go Why did you suffer so much pain, the answers, I don’t know Why is it I’ve been left here alone, why did you have to die Why could I not have come with you, instead I’m…
Peter Maslak
8th April 2014


Remembered every morning, That she has gone away. I did not have the privilege, To be there on that day. Our paths in life had parted, Back in a different time. The hope we'd be united, A constant dream of mine. Every day there is a void, Where Mother used…
Dave Butler
30th March 2014

My Wendy

A sad tired man, with tearful eyes, I sit here on my own Reminiscing of the times gone by and how the years have flown Wondering have I done enough? Have I lived a decent life? Had I been good enough a husband to my dear departed wife? Does my…
Peter Maslak
9th March 2014


Three young men serving with 2 SCOTS, The Royal Highland Fusiliers, strong brave and wise beyond their years, sent off by the politicians to Afghanistan all determined to make a difference, that was the plan. Trundling over the dusty land their mastiff, dominating the province of Helmand. Soldiers primed and…
Tom Murray
12th January 2014


For many years her husband had waited As the sign came from above Now he knew the time was right To call on his one true love As she slept, he spoke to her “Hello my love, it’s time, Take my hand, come with me, Trust me, you’ll be fine”…
Michaela Turner
25th April 2013