The Forgotten


Jimmy’s Place

There’ll be presents a-plenty this Christmas But not at Jimmy’s place Children will smile as the presents unwrap But not at Jimmy’s place There’ll be hugs and kisses all round the tree But not at Jimmy’s place Turkey with stuffing and Christmas cake tea But not at Jimmy’s place As…
Don Holmes
4th December 2011

Help for Heroes?

Help for heroes, so they say Buy a poppy on poppy day Show the soldier that always wins Despite the fact he has no limbs Clean it up, sanitise Nothing nasty for public eyes Heroes just for joining up? Here’s a ticket out of rut Can you walk? Can you…
Stephen Williams
27th November 2011


What am I bid for this goalie He only made one small mistake He only gets paid forty thousand So please give the poor guy a break What am I bid for this striker He fights really hard for the cause He’s busting a gut for old “ Ingerland “…
Don Holmes
24th June 2010

“Parcere Subjectis”

Ranks of granite, Stand ranked like Grenadiers, lost in the frigid mists of time. Beneath these empty, silen t stones, unmarked graves, unclaimed bones, no names engraved, no legends, no words of solace nor holy comfort, nothing to tell those who will come, what happened here.
Mark Dron
29th July 2009


Veterans, return from war broken, stunned, unable to navigate the labyrinth set up to help, sit on the floor by the tubes in the cities: hey missus, hey mister gimme, gimme, give me—SOME—thing; these lost ones grab at subway riders, who shake them off before diving into the silver skink…
Jean M. Hendrickson
31st May 2009

Unknown Soldier

He wakes to see the sun rise, the wind upon his face, He sees the morning traffic, how well he knows this place. An enviable life he leads, happy with his lot, As he sits sunning in the park, he knows that some will not. Always seeing new places, the…
Larry Taylor
12th May 2009