Many people in this world Need a guiding hand, Someone to talk to, Someone to understand, Without the knowledge of life, Without tenderness and care, They have no one to speak too, To confide in, or to share. Be a shoulder to cry on, Listen and you will find, The…
Malcolm G Bradshaw
5th November 2015


I am in the wind at your back, - pushing, pushing. You hear me in the grass and trees, - sighing, whooshing; And in the water you ‘re sailing on, flowing, flowing; Driving you onward to where you are going. Urging you to become like me; Driving you to your…
Barrie Cannon
4th February 2013


From Zero, something in the blackness stirs, Unaware, but still its there, -- and growing. Forming to a blueprint, -- a miracle occurs; New and blank and empty, even itself not knowing. From darkness it is forced into light so revealing, Reeling, and feeling needs it can’t understand. With a…
Barrie Cannon
9th January 2013

My Gentle Father

You are a quiet presence Just like my own father Yet you speak volumes Whilst my father did not But I loved him, all the same. He never held me Like you hold me I never felt his kiss on my cheek Like the breath of your spirit, Upon my…
Jan Hedger
27th July 2012

My saving Grace

The knife thrust in my heart burning hot as it twists the blade turns to flames and I start to fade away As my life quickly weakens the last thoughts appear in my head where will I end up? Will I live again? These questions fill my head as I…
Nathan Howell
14th April 2011


Stood here together in this land of far off childhood dreams All our adult dreads and fears now seem to evaporate And then as the cold dark night air warms to a pleasant wrap, Despair that has bedecked us like a cloak of evil Is soon replaced, by the strength…
Leslie de la Haye
26th April 2010

I Was There

I was there when you said You were going, And this time I replied I know, instead of no, not now. As your laboured breathing Lessened, less, then life’s Final breath left You full of peaceful repose, There in your own bed . Close by, those Who loved you Released…
Lesley Lees
4th December 2009

Bright Ribbons of death: 2

Bright ribbons of death wind you round. Here, they seem to be black: the colours of loss the colours of mourning, the colours of rich earth exposed, brought up from centuries of sleep into shining day at the grave’s long side. Bright Ribbons of death wind you round, here they…
18th August 2009

Brothers Forever

Star lights, shining bright Watching over our soldiers who fight Keeping them safe as darkness falls Giving them strength when morning calls Providing them with intuition An unexplainable inner vision Being their eyes and ears when needed Making sure they’re not impeded They’ll keep them strong, allay their fears They’ll…
Michaela Turner
16th July 2009

Pax Vobiscum

Lord grant that men may live in peace To honour all in word and deed. And may we ever bear with grace The follies of the human race.
Robert Carson
12th July 2009