In Hiding.

You have seen me in the streets, You have seen me in the stream, You have seen me working alone, Or working in a team. You may not have noticed me, When you look at where I am, I blend in with everything, With the changing of my cam. Today…
Alex Roissetter
7th October 2009

The Brass Cross.

Far away there is a cross of brass, That stands at the mouth of hell, A symbol of the fight, With the names of those that fell. Before it kneels a soldier, As if in solemn prayer, Whispering simple words, For brothers that have climbed heavens stair. After the deed…
Alex Roissetter
28th September 2009

Beyond all Price

'Pernicious and pugnacious' we may be But there's the other side to see. That readiness to take offence Can often lead to quick redress. That dourness of the aspect, too, Allows the joy of sunlight through. Our pennypinching's-a harmless jest We're just a spendthrift as the rest. Tears within our…
Robert Carson
30th August 2009

Walking Soldier

He walks, he talks, he sleeps - he fights. but he does not get a chance to feel the rain in the summer, or watch a flower bloom under the sun. the moon is nothing new to him, it’s surface full of hired light. he’s only got borrowed time to…

They Were Heroes

Shiny buttons, clean uniforms, With fresh faced excitement they marched A brave new world waited They were heroes. The mud was everywhere This wasn't what they had planned All shaken with fear They were heroes Cold coursed through them The smell too much to bear Damp rotted their boots They…
Beth Pritchard
15th April 2009

Behind the razor wire

A dark and quite moment When the working day is through I sit behind the razor wire My thoughts drift to you I’m a fit and able soldier In a war that should not be Whilst brother you fight a different war And it lays siege upon your knees When…
Duncan Prow
2nd April 2009


Hey there young soldiers So brave and so true Alas you’ve been injured But you’re going to pull through That strength and grit Still runs through your veins So dig down deep inside And fight once again You’ve trained hard and long Don’t give up the fight now Stay strong…
Michaela Turner
19th February 2009

Raindrops and Tears.

The raindrops mix with my tears, The ones I shed when I show my fears, The scars I bear you can not trace, For I always see his long dead face. I stumble but do not fall, Held up by my brothers all, Together we stand against the strife, To…
Alex Roissetter
11th February 2009

The Ballad of Dunkirk

Will came back from school that day, And he had little to say. But he stood a long time looking down To where the grey-green Channel water Slapped at the foot of the little town, And to where his boat, the Sarah P, Bobbed at the tide on an even…
Robert Nathan
9th February 2009

True love hurts

He’s not gone He’s always there He’s looking down on you He’s your guiding star But it’s not true I watched him die I fought for him but this battle I didn’t win My training kicked in and I did what I knew But it wasn’t enough. I ordered them…
Andrea Mackintosh
7th February 2009