Here I sit on a lonely park bench, I try hard to forget the shallow, dark trench, I try hard to forget the filth and blood, And the bodies of friends lying in the mud. I try to forget that feeling of fear, As a German patrol drew closer and…
Oliver Simms
18th October 2019


We Remember. We remember them now gone. Those lives of our farther, sons, mothers, daughters. Sacrifices given in blood, upon a foreign place and murky field. Many have left upon great ships. Returned but a few to tread the streets of dear Blighty once more. Of home. War's bitter harvest…
Adam C Mitchell
11th November 2018


In Flanders fields where memories sleep In Flanders fieds where the war has reaped In Flanders fields where war was held In Flanders fields where the troops loudly yelled. When the dogs barked, sniffing out the bombs A ton of troops had already gone you can hear the fire of…
Olly Davies
17th November 2017

The​ ​Day

Eleven,Eleven,Eleven The​ ​Day​ ​tolled​ ​out, Unheard​ ​by​ ​those​ ​who Toiled​ ​wearily​ ​on​ ​Young​ ​and​ ​Old. Eleven,Eleven,Eleven Hold​ ​On!​ ​Screamed​ ​the​ ​Day. Unheard​ ​again​ ​by​ ​tired Soldiers​ ​who​ ​heard​ ​only​ ​their Own​ ​chant- Tomorrow,Tomorrow,Tomorrow Will​ ​be​ ​better. Eleven,Eleven,Eleven Your​ ​Better​ ​Tomorrow​ ​is​ ​Today Whispered​ ​the​ ​Day​ ​to​ ​the​ ​fallen, Who​ ​whispered​…
Hannah Marie Hughes
13th November 2017

Remembrance anthology

Humbled to have my poem 'Entrenched am I..' included in the Remembrance Anthology - Worcester Poet Laureate - on this Remembrance Sunday; Please copy and paste this link to see many more worthy poems of remembrance; Scroll down to see my poem. https://worcestershirepoetlaureateninalewis.wordpress.com/2017/11/12/remembrance-anthology/ Jan
Jan Hedger
12th November 2017

The Cemetery Poem

A sea of grey What a price to pay A long time has passed, but our memories should last. Rows of the very brave, their lives they gave. They died for us, their bodies lie in the graves today, most still nameless. So wear your poppy with pride, for all…
Adam Stone
30th October 2017


One hundred years and still we fail The fallen dead of Passchendaele Who fought a war to end all wars Believing in their righteous cause Yet year on year we fight again Inflicting misery and pain Those Spirits of The First World War Must wonder what their death was for…
Don Holmes
3rd August 2017

The Poppy Poem

The Grass is Green The sky is Blue But danger enters too Guns are firing Lives are lost Each day more and more Families praying To save themselves But the bomb goes off The ground gets rough Fighting gets tough But in 1945 Some flowers grow As red as blood…
Maya Hillier
10th April 2017


To you who send our kin to war, When they are fallen you need not; Doff the headdress; Bow the head; Stand to in the stillness; Lower the flag; Muffle the bells; Toll the knell; Beat the drum roll; Skirl the funereal air; Shuffle the slow march; Sound the last…
Kevin M Welsh
29th March 2017