Mother's Day


Rest Assured

She held me in my darkest hour and prayed that I may live Wrapped me in Her Angel wings, protection from the world at large Sacrificed Her all and somehow found much more inside to give Unconditioned love bestowed on one of four who were Her charge Taught me right…
Richard Gildea
17th March 2012


That was her chair She always sat there Her natural place No invading her space That’s where she sort Of sat and held court And after she died I sat there and cried.
Andrew Diamond
11th March 2010

Mother’s Day

I’m glad you’re not my Mother I’m happy you’re my Wife Born way back in ‘64 To join me in my life On Mother’s Day you feel the pain Of children all grown up Forgetting it’s your special day All moody and abrupt A breakfast and a cup of tea…
Tom Mcgreevy
24th February 2008