Light hearted


Another Dewdrop

Another Dewdrop I'm just a little dewdrop Hanging on a leaf upon the tree No one even knows I'm there What can the matter be And then a little ladybird Landed on the tree It seemed that she was very thirsty And came straight over to me She said I'm…
Dennis Shrubshall
16th October 2015

“Sari Sari Knight”

A commentary on this troubled world. (Read to the tune of Vincent) - (by Don McLean) Sari, Sari, Knight Draped in armour blue and grey Searching out midst summer’s day As eyes ‘neath bascinet doth stare out cold Gallows on the hills Hewn from trees, bereft of frills Brings to…
Richard Gildea
12th September 2015

Fringe Benefits

Massaged, midst preparation and shampoo What bliss to feel warm water rinse away Such form of relaxation doth imbue By simple use of products to convey With hair twixt fingers, scissors will employ To trim and cut whilst keeping sides aligned As gentle hands ‘snip snip’ away, what joy! In…
Richard Gildea
5th June 2015

“Knights in pink flannel.”

Knights in pink flannel shall inherit the earth Those knights in pink flannel; they know what it’s worth So don’t ever leave them alone in a town You know that pink flannel is sure to turn brown! Their twinkle toes, are all covered in pink Once you have bathed them…
Leslie de la Haye
24th April 2010

Sound advice

The flip of a single flip-flop The sound of a one-handed clap The whisp of a toned down whisper A sigh from a now homeless chap The silence is there if you listen Take note of the sounds of the Earth The sound of a tear at a Funeral A…
Tom Mcgreevy
7th March 2010

Kevin the Keyhole

Kevin the Keyhole Is a nasty old man Peering through keyholes Whenever he can Watching those ladies undress, Kevin the Keyhole Is a dirty old man Pity he is me Dad
Bernie Shelton
3rd September 2009

French Toilets – The Mystery

As far back as I can remember France holds this one unfathomable mystery to me How French ladies use their toilets without getting their knickers covered in p**!? I mean the squatting, crouching kind over a drain hole type French loo you can find Where you aren’t sure if you…
Denise Richardson
17th March 2009

Leave them with a smile

I look back on my distant past The things I’ve seen and done The trials and tribulations The battles I have won The price of beer when I was young I can’t afford it now Existing on a pension As I take my final bow Chips inside Newspaper Fingers black…
Tom Mcgreevy
6th March 2009

Fast Shower

In a Hurry to watch the box, rushing from the shower Did the splits upon the floor, could have lain there for an hour 999 was never rung, by Niece with long blonde hair Hobbled to the car some how leaning on a chair A & E was visited regardless…
David Killelay
2nd November 2008