Summers’ End

Slipped dress off plastic hanger felt it’s crisp cotton lightness fingertip touch of buttercups and daises a sash of lilac stroked her sun-kissed skin. Breathed in a new memory of meadow-sweet and cup-cakes and small bare feet, running through warm grass. Folds of gathered cotton, twirling, swirling, as he swung…
Jan Hedger
25th May 2020


A broken heart never heals Just switches off Not living, just existing Going through the motions Imitating life Marking time Hoping, but not believing That one day It Finds love
Jon Lawton
27th August 2015

All But A Moment After.

Are u listening to those that went before? The muffled screams behind that bitter door, Their whispered howls of what u might find, With echoed pain that pierce your mind. Visions of red and dusty hides, Clawing at clothes with abandon besides, The colour of the poppies flowing away, Mixed…
Alex Roissetter
24th November 2011


Forever I left as a flee After you told me of the army I went and cried Feeling like a part of me died But I couldn’t stay away And just told me to pray I was all dressed in white And I couldn’t even fright As you told me…
Kristin Young
5th December 2009

Parasites and Poison

Curled up on the bathroom floor With a needle in her arm For a moment she is peaceful As the poison works its charm But the peacefulness, it doesn’t last She craves it more and more So she shoots her poison once again Like so many times before Her hair…
Michaela Turner
22nd June 2009

“The War Widow; Peace’s Bride”

He’s in Iraq again, she would say to all that asked they’d whoop in signs of patriotism yet mock behind her back The wedding ring upon her finger is tainted by well-intentioned blood he split she said she’d stay there forever but she never realized it’d be a long wait…
Ajibike Lapite
2nd April 2009

Push off and leave me alone

Push off and leave me alone And take your phoney sympathy with you. You don’t get it do you … he was special. Not in that Everyone’s special new labour way He was and so were we We didn’t meet at a dance or in some cheap nasty pub We…
Andrea Mackintosh
21st February 2009

Its not the first time

They were there again last night, They sit there accusing Unforgiving Reminding me That its not a game They are shouting now: “You did your job. So well done you But what are we supposed to do? Now, that we are gone? You took the credit for your courageous actions,…
Andrea Mackintosh
20th February 2009


I was 5 when my dad died… And I was sad…for I knew him not. No golden memories of man and child… No playing together in the garden plot. Whenever I other boys espied Engaged in their dad’s company… I was so sad…I often cried… To be bereft of paternity.…
Kevin M Welsh
30th September 2008

Military mother

My child nearly two to hospital I went So sick was she. Little did I know what to expect Nor the way you would treat me. You knew who I was, but did not know me. You treated me differently from the other mothers In the ward that night you…
19th April 2008