Sleep tight

From the darkest depths of night, Sleepless, but tired, try as you might, From the darkest depths of your mind, You look, but Oblivion you will not find, Sometimes I am awake, near through the night. Deeply you look into your soul, A few hours, that is your goal, Deeply…
Chris Duncan
7th June 2010


Down, down I feel so low. Trapped in a tunnel, with nowhere to go. Cut myself off from all my friends, I'll work this out in the end. Dark, dark that feeling inside... Nothing looks good; I just want to hide. There must be some people in whom I can…
Simon Icke
15th September 2009

The Dawn

July twenty seventh two thousand and nine A mammogram check, well worth the time I wait in the car so I don’t have to pay Then Debs made that call on her mobile to say I might have the cancer, (I heard her voice shake) The seconds took minutes, please…
25th August 2009

Swine Flu

Oink oink pink pig I think you’ve given me the flu I’m full of aches and pains Coughs and sneezes too Bugs are flying everywhere When people round me sneeze Have they not read the posters? ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ please The doctor will not see me He’s…
Michaela Turner
23rd July 2009

Shining Angel

For God’s sake, don’t judge her as she is now, she was once a most elegant beauty. All the young men would salute in awe as serving her country was her duty. She never had a home or family of her own there just never seemed to be the time.…
Sheila Weekes
7th May 2009


Take care of yourself and don’t get sick, make sure that you’re not ill For if you don’t, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get medicine or pill. You may not receive the drugs you need, that might help to put you right It’s down to the whim of bureaucrats who…
Peter Maslak
11th November 2008

I am the Child

I am the child who sits all day, looking out of the window in dismay. I am the child who rarely sleeps, waiting for morning when in it creeps. I am the child who loves all things red, my clothes, walls, even my bed. I am the child who has…
Alison Mitchell
30th October 2008

Twisty socks and bendy pants

Twisty socks and bendy pants, they make you cross they make you rant. I’ve scoured the shops and searched the racks, in and out the same old tracks. The lady in Woolworths thinks I’m dotty, the guy in Adams thinks I’m potty. I look and look and search some more!…
Alison Mitchell
30th October 2008

Victim of Altzeimer’s

Your plight is recognised Oh! so well But Children do not fret For she is still there, the Mum you knew So do not get upset She may not comprehend what you say In another world she may live But all the love she gave to you Is still there…
Dennis Shrubshall
17th August 2008