Ghosts and Ghouls


Dark Psychiatry

It was her silent affirmations that kept her from going completely insane. Stopped her from fading away into the nothingness of the room around her “I am here. I am here,” she repeated over and over, “I think therefore I am”. The darkness had taken her over once or twice,…
Anne-Marie Spittle
21st October 2008

I was picked up by Aliens

Never believe what you hear It was late 1992 and I was on a trip from Birmingham, Alabama to Los Angles, California I was traveling out I 20 about 80 miles from El Paso, Texas. It was very late at night or very early in the morning, around 3 a.m.…
Ashley Roden
22nd August 2008

Tolney Picnic

I like Sneinton, it’s got character, and it’s not a bad place to live. It has shops, takeaways, and pubs and is even on a regular bus route to town. But, when the sun begins to shine it can be a dusty canyon and the need to escape to greener…
Paddy Slevin
5th August 2008