Why are the leaders of the world so inept? That they continue to allow tyrannies to thrive Why are they not prepared to take action? To ensure that thousands starving to death are kept alive Is it because they appear to be of no value That their countries are not…
Ron Martin
15th November 2015

My Thanks

I didn't know who you were Or even where you fell But I thank you for my today And for my tomorrow as well.
Deborah Ellis
13th November 2013

Time Past

Red sun kisses the west sky, Night once more begins to fall, Leaving a taint of falsehood. Honour and vows are broken, By the cruelty and lies. I leave my boyhood behind, Starting afresh: A grown man. Time past soon silvers over, Though betrayed and bitter, And left with nothing…
Leslie de la Haye
24th April 2010


A fawlty Basil Say’s don’t mention The war, what war, Of tragedy A comedy is made. What words of war today Are not spoken; Do two and two make four Does 9/11 plus 7/7 make war, Is terror recessed In a memory store rarely recalled. Wake up dear world Talk,…
Lesley Lees
26th November 2009


Waiting for aid to come, The boy lies there, Hoping for freedom from This hell- hole. His blood drenched form Lies next to the stinking copse Of his mother. Days pass. His eyes survey the Peerless blue of Gaza’s sky, And then the ebbing life Of the child across the…
Isabel Gann
16th April 2009

“Freedom is not free”

“Freedom is not free”. Everywhere, rules and conditions, Bind and tether, Entrap and enslave us. The soldier under conscription Must serve his country Although he questions the cause. Even the swallow, Who seems so free, Flying over the vast, Expansive plains of Africa, Is a slave to his instinct. The…
Antony Gann
16th April 2009