For Loved Ones


My Angel In The Sky

It’s very hard for me to say Things that are in my heart The emotions that I’m feeling I am lost and don’t know where to start My life has been shattered My life now is not worthwhile For all that I ever loved Has gone with your beautiful smile…
Malcolm G Bradshaw
5th November 2015

Going Home

The train sped very fast taking her home at last. So many years had passed since she came away But to her it seemed like yesterday So many memories came flooding back as the train sped along the track- No more Family left to see just a visit to the…
Patricia Sennett
5th November 2015

The Little House

I looked around the little house, now all quiet and bare, I had spent my childhood there, Mum, Dad, siblings three, so many memories coming back to me. I looked at the garden, now so bare, beautiful flowers had once grown there. I took one look around the house that…
Patricia Sennett
31st March 2015

I Kissed You Goodbye.

Oh Wendy, my Wendy the light of my life My friend and my soul mate, my lover, my wife Now taken by Angels, from me and our home Sad and heartbroken, I’m left here, alone. My memories uphold me as I remember each day Our years spent together ‘til you…
Peter Maslak
18th March 2014


I miss you at home you’re not there I miss you sitting in your favourite chair I miss you the way you used to care I miss you each night before I go to sleep I miss you in dreams I awake and weep I miss you when the hurt…
Anita Roberts
13th December 2013

It’s not really goodbye

The loss of a dear one is not easy For anyone to comprehend And it leaves a state of sadness And a broken heart to mend So don't be afraid let the tears flow free For they will lighten your Soul Emotions are something you cannot hide And will help…
Dennis Shrubshall
30th November 2012

Burying the Old Soldier

I boxed Dad’s suits starched white shirts two pairs of black shoes stacks of white handkerchiefs Crammed plastic bags with pill bottles, Metamucil, Ensure, hospice fliers, Depends. Shed tears at ashtrays, carved pipes, a humidor: he hadn’t smoked in decades still, it smelled of Prince Albert Cherry. In the closet,…
Jean M. Hendrickson
13th October 2011

Memories of Dad

I remember when I was really small I looked up at him, he was ten foot tall He played with me and made me smile These memories of a little child........ He taught me how to play football He picked me up when I would fall He encouraged me in…
Chris Dickson
28th January 2011

Prayers on the Mountains.

The sun sets on us that are left, As we stand upon the jagged cleft, The forlorn tears trickle down our cheeks, As their spirits rise past the towering peaks. We wish all those that have been before, That have fallen in the times of war, To be remembered in…
Alex Roissetter
10th September 2010

All my love and more

Hi sweetheart, how are you? I thought I’d drop you a line Just to say I’m thinking of you I hope that you are fine I know I shouldn’t think about The job you’re trained to do But when I see it on the news It just makes me think…
Michaela Turner
31st March 2010