Dreams and nightmares


Beneath my skin

Locked away trapped in silence trying to escape The rage building but kept inside cannot hide much longer Hidden away forever while the voices in my head keep getting louder I can’t hold it much longer this feeling inside me just about to burst I scream for help guards come…
Nathan Howell
15th April 2011

If wishes were dreams and dreams were wishes

If wishes were dreams and dreams were wishes If only we could share; pulling a wishbone in two If dreams became real and wishes come true If a coin in a well bought forth your kisses I’d give away my fortune, for a moment with you. There is no future;…
Jan Hedger
23rd June 2010

The Shadows

I find myself deep within shadows, encompassing me, Dragging me down, Choking my ability to see. Creatures from the night, Rise up in front of me, Basking me in an unnatural light, My legs wont move, I cant flee. All the things you dare not dream, Swarm around me, an…
Chris Duncan
7th June 2010

Never Alone

My Mama told me Don’t be afraid The bogymen are not real And you will never be alone Dearest Mama will always be with you. Years have gone by And Mama is Dead. But sometimes in this place where I now live I see her, in my lucid moments I…
Bernie Shelton
27th August 2009