Sunsets and Stars

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My heart beat twice as fast
As I saw you walk away,
I tried to think of all the things
To make you stop and say
The words I needed to hear from you
But you continued on,
(and) when you disappeared from sight
It hit me, I was alone.

I watched the sunset on my own,
It reminded me of you;
The hugs, the kisses, the love we had
I’d thought that it was true.
The light slowly started to fade,
An echo of my despair
(and) when the sun was gone, I stood
Silent, lonely and scared.

I don’t remember it getting dark
It was all just a blurry daze,
I started to get up and stopped-
All I could do was gaze;
The twilight was on fire with stars,
Like a sea of twinkling lights,
(and) I knew my light would still live on,
Even during the night.

Andrea Fernandes

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