Stormy skies

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On a bright summers day
The skies cloud over, dark and grey
There is an electric feel and a smell on the air
Very soon Mother nature will give us something to share

There is a pita pat as the first drops fall
This is going to be a hell of a squall
The heavens open, rain pelts to the ground
Then an almighty sound cracks all around

The raw power of nature has arrived in force
Thunder and lightning is what I refer to of course
Deep rumbling that shakes your heart
Signals that natures light show is about to start

If you are lucky you are inside safe and sound
With a lovely vista of natures showground
Warm and comfortable with a tea in your hand
This is going to be something grand

Light crackles, forking down to the ground
Followed closely by the earth-shattering sound
From your vantage point it is easy to see
Why its not a good idea to be under a tree

Also it has to be said
That it is nice to hear all this wrapped up in bed
warm and toasty while it crashes all around
Snuggled up in your bed, safe and sound

Chris Duncan

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