‘Steps to Heaven’

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I climb the steps to Heaven, from the turbulence of life,
To leave behind my troubles, and formidable old strife
As I tread with tired footsteps, all my old bones creak and groan
Even on this final journey, I still complain and moan.

I know in yon distance, are soft beds adorned with silk
And a sumptuous table, full of honey bread and milk
I know the arms of Jesus, are spread wide to welcome us
Yet I keep complaining, at this exaggerated fuss.

Heaven’s door stands open wide, and sweet Angels start to sing,
In the quiet background, a silver bell is heard to ring
Then, to my greatest joy, my wrinkled face begins to shine,
Suddenly I realize, my harsh voice has lost its whine.

Now my steps feel amazingly light; full of joyous bounce,
For all of my old troubles, now weigh less than just one ounce
So sleep you safe my darlings, as an Angel of God sings.
And first thing tomorrow, I’ll be measured for my wings.

In this place reserved for me; I’m sitting on God’s right,
Think of me my darlings, as I watch over you tonight.

And every night, and every day throughout each year.
God bless!

Leslie de la Haye

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