Start of summer

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The morning has not yet opened her eyes,
Whilst dew lays still upon the unkempt ground
Yellow Buttercup and the Daffodil sighs
Yet of summer birds, theres not even a sound.

Slowly the world comes now gently awake
And the sun appears from over eastern brow
So the summer opens as the dawn doth break
And the milkmaid arrives to milk the fat cow.

Gently, so gently the world now comes alive
And clouds of soft white, in the blue-skies float
Whilst the smell of warm pollen floats from beehives
And flowers then open their dewy wet coats.

In a field of rich grass, lambs start to gambol
Inquisitive worms peep out to welcome the day
Over distant hills come people that ramble
And the earth starts to live in the suns warm ray.

Leslie de la Haye

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