St Peter and the Soldier

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He stands up straight, waiting his turn,
What happens next, his fate he’ll learn
No regrets for him, he’s served the crown,
Never looking back, not backing down.

The list is out they’ve called his name,
He’s taken lives, will he be to blame?
A stern face reads, the parchment taught,
He stands there worried, will charges be brought?

The stern face breaks into a smile,
Don’t worry son, you’re in by a mile,
You were braver, smarter, faster and bolder
A perfect role model, a British soldier.

Your place here is safe, there’s space for you,
You gave your all, no more to do
Your not alone, there’s many more
So step inside son and close the door.

There’s just one task, just one last favour,
Could you be strong again, you must not waver
Soon my son there will be others like you,
No questions or drama’s, just show them through.

Larry Taylor

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