Spanish Winter Blues

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Slowly turning brown
In the early Spanish sun
Applying sun tan lotion
Till every part is done
Drifting into dreamland
Forgetting cares and woes
Exchange rates now forgotten
Now warmth is on your toes
Hordes of happy campers
On Spanish costas lie
Spending all their pensions
As sunny days roll by
By evening they are ready
Washed and looking trim
To hit the bars and bistros
With glasses filled to brim
Their evening meal now eaten
They drift onto the floor
And dance until the waiters
Ease them through the door
Next morning sees them rising
Pale and looking grim
Determined not to falter
And miss their morning swim
Soon they’re on their loungers
Spray lotion from a can
It’s raining back in Britain
But they “don’t give a damn”

Don Holmes

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