Sorry Guys

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It was that second the world stood still
I heard a sound, I heard it shrill
I felt the thud, I felt the burn
I felt the sting, I felt the turn
The ground came up and I went down
A fighting man about to drown
I gasped for air, I gasped for voice
I felt the blood, I felt it moist
I heard a scream, I saw a face
I felt my heart, I felt the pace
The panic came, but not the pain
For this my friend we couldn’t train

I heard the voices, shrouded though
I heard them come, I heard them go
I heard the voice of a girl, I think?
She’s shouting me, shouting loud
I’m the centre of a crowd

They pick me up, I feel the fade
I feel the whoosh of the transport blade
I see the bag plug to the arm
I hear her voice, it keeps me calm

But I’m not going, to where they think I am
Sorry guys for spoilt plan

Stephen Williams

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