Something to hide

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I can tell by your shifting eyes
Your constantly shuffling feet
Your fiddling fingers, your twiddling thumbs
You, have something to hide

I can see your defensive gestures
Your guarded footsteps
Your distant gaze, your in a daze
You, have something to hide

You avoid my eyes, but you tell no lies
You give limited, partial facts.
You are withdrawn and un-feeling
You, have something to hide

You may not sleep but the secrets you keep
Are not yours to keep alone
We are all the same, do not feel any shame
You see we all have something to hide

Like you, we have tasted the clean Ulster air
We have laughed and cried the same
We have walked the green lanes always checking in vain
We too, had something to hide

But in this circle of friends you can open your heart
You can share those secrets you hide
Your not alone anymore, we all know the score
At last, you have nothing to hide


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