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Inside their hearts are aching,
But they must not let us see,
So they put a smile upon their face,
And be as brave as they can be.

For someone’s child is fighting,
In a land that’s far away,
They are always thinking of them,
And deep inside they pray.

Please bless and protect them,
And give them strength to face,
Whatever dangers they may meet,
In that dark, forbidden place.

Give them hope and courage,
Let their inner light shine through,
May their guardian angels be with them,
In everything they do.

Great spirit please watch over them,
Never let them be alone,
Bring peace unto that far off land,
So they can all come home.

Let good erase all evil,
In all lands far and wild,
With love please bring back to our arms,
Our dear-beloved-child.

Cal Pearson

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