Some days

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Some days I cannot bare to interact,
My need for solace is just a fact,
I become insular and frown,
But do my best not to show I’m down.

Some days I look at my workload,
I just wonder if my stupor showed,
I see all the things to do,
And hope I can start on a few.

Some days I cannot hold my head high,
I breath out often in a big sigh,
I try to do the best I can,
But below feel the failure I am.

Some days I fell lost and alone,
All I want is to be safe at home,
I try to work like a busy bee,
But something inside is eating me.

Some days I sit and wonder,
If anyone else looks forward to thunder,
With it brings power cut outs,
No computer or lights, nothing, nowt.

Some days I feel stress building in me,
I wonder externally if others can see,
That I am not coping, not dealing at all,
One day I will defiantly fall.

One day I will feel worry no more,
No one will now be keeping score,
I will have finally have found peace,
When my life and breath cease.

Chris Duncan

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