Soldier Girl

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Those Army boots look too big for you,
But then again, I have always thought that.
With your big blues eyes just visible from under your Officer’s hat.

Joining up was all you ever wanted to do,
I knew it all along.
‘Soldiers’ being our favourite game-of course we would always win in our regiment of two.

But now you are away fighting for real,
While I am at home, tackling the tears which threaten to fall
Battling boredom and fear.

Facing long gloomy days because my pal is not here-
Wearing a groove in the lino from pacing up and down,
Praying we all make it through this-somehow

My favourite past time has become crossing off the days with a big red pen
Until the day the best friends are reunited again.

How exciting to think that soon you will be home on leave-back on these shores-
When we can have big hugs and enjoy happy days once more
And I can tell everyone we meet how proud I am
Of my daughter-
My brave soldier girl!

Holly Kernott

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